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About Us: Elevated Shoetique offers statement pieces and shoes for women who don't need a reason to get fly; They LIVE FLY! 

About Our Customers: Team Elevated is stylish, sophisticated and confident. They love easy glamour with a touch of street style and sexiness. 

How we started: (a word from the owner)

Hey girlllll! I'm Deanna! I started Elevated Shoetique  because I'm from a small town and the selection of shoes and clothes we have is so WHACK! There is nothing for the fly women who actually have style and enjoy putting looks together. So, I said "I'm gonna open a shoe store!" It took me almost 10 years to really do it, but I really did it!

I have been in love with fashion since high school. It was so bad I used to plan my outfits out in a calendar 30 days in advance (headbands and all), so I wouldn't repeat. lol yea it was that serious. 

The Vision: My vision for Elevated Shoetique is to provide clothing and shoes for women who don't just want fast fashion; they want stylish pieces they can wear to events and brunches and vacations, not just the club. 

I want to build a community of women who not only dress fly, but LIVE FLY; women who are dream chasers and goal getters like myself.